Adam B. Shaeffer is a writer, theologian, and poet. You’ll typically find him hanging out with his family, trees, or characters in fiction. He has an MA in Spiritual Formation from Talbot School of Theology and a PhD in Theology and Literature from Durham University.

Writing Portfolio


  • “Frodo and Saruman: Euformation, Dysformation, and Immortality in The Lord of the Rings,” in Death and Immortality in Middle-earth: Peter Roe Series XVII, ed. Daniel Helen. Edinburgh: Luna Press, 2017.
  • Spiritual Formation in Tolkien’s Legendarium, PhD. Thesis, 2018.
  • Multiple book reviews for Reviews in Religion and Theology, The Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, and Transpositions.
  • An as yet untitled essay appearing in the forthcoming volume Tolkien and Theology from Lexington/Fortress edited by Douglas Estes.

Blog Posts

Published Fiction

Published Poetry

Technical Writing / Customer Education


  • Why I Wish I Had Logos 10 Years Ago,” The Logos Bible Software Seminary Guide, 2022.
  • “What’s New in Logos 10,” The Logos Bible Software Seminary Guide, forthcoming 2023.

Editing Portfolio

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