For Chris(t)

July 10th will mark the 1 year anniversary of Chris Mitchell‘s death. Chris, in addition to being a C. S. Lewis scholar, a pastor, and a teacher, was also a friend and a mentor. It is fitting, I think, to remember Chris this week with a poem I began composing the day after I heard of his death. A special thanks goes out to Malcolm Guite who, four months later, helped me find the rhythm already present in the words and let it out.

For Chris(t)

You’re safe my friend,
at last you’re safe,
not from but for
each living soul
you’ll meet from this day forth.
No doubt each sees
your joy alive
in kind and gentle eyes,
your soul unbent,
your spirit full,
your heart ablaze, afire.

How could they not?

The One you love
has called you up:
out of darkness.
Into Kingdom!
Between two breaths
you stepped
from life to Life.

We feel your flight–
the ache of loss down deep.
We miss you here
and want you near,
yet you’re at last Alive.

O Bright of the Sky
lighten our mourning.
Warm our hearts with your dawn this day.
May we see his flight
from darkness to light
as a gift of your glorious grace.

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